I am an enthusiastic, exuberant, energetic

therapist, teacher, and trainer!

I received my undergraduate degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies, from California State University, Long Beach. I focused on programming with purpose, outdoor recreation, non-profit management, and the power of play. I went back to get my Master's in Counseling, and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have had a private practice for years.


As a therapist, author, and professor at CSULB, I have spent the bulk of my personal and professional time focused on the power of play, recreation, leisure, and gamefulness as ways to improve mental health, achieve goals, and learn how to bring diverse groups of people together to solve problems and challenges. 

Who Would Benefit?

Board of Directors

Non profit agencies

Large-scale corporations

Small businesses

Real estate teams

Sales teams

Groups or teams within a larger business

Development groups