I am passionate about providing dynamic training on a variety of topics

usually geared around the benefits of playfulness, breaking down barriers, and increasing goal achievement through creativity. 

My trainings are for any business - large or small, corporate or grass-roots, for large numbers or a small focused group.  

If you are an organization that hires women in positions of leadership, I am especially interested in working with you. 

I provide discounts for Mom-Owned-Businesses. Please ask! 

Pricing and Structure


Cost depends on length of session, number of participants, and travel required.

1.5 hour for 15-25 participants begins at $1950, and includes day-of training by Roya Dedeaux, all materials included.

Training Currently Available

Team "Sports"
Smashing Monsters

Naming our barriers to success and the inner monsters that keep us from achieving our potential.

Soft skills: leadership, assertiveness, communication, creativity

Play & Purpose

Enhancing divergent thinking through playful problems with unusual solutions

Soft skills: creativity, divergent thinking, team work, problem solving, communication

Avengers Assemble

Create your super hero persona, and explore the role that has within your team

Soft skills: creativity, teamwork, problem solving, communication, leadership

Sand Tray Workplace

Clarifying trouble areas through a technique designed to help bring awareness to unconscious patterns.

Soft skills: self-awareness, communication, conflict management, assertiveness

Super Better

Increasing emotional, social, mental, and physical resilience

Soft skills: communication, assertiveness, leadership, goal achievement, teamwork, conflict management

Venn Diagram Values

Adding awareness of strengths in your team

Soft skills: interpersonal communication, self-awareness, teamwork, strength building

Practicing the work-together muscles that translate into project accomplishment

Soft skills: communication, conflict management, teamwork, solution-oriented thinking, creativity, divergent thinking, leadership

Skills we will increase


Learn to increase your options, show how you value ideas, add to your open-mindedness, and engage in diverse thinking while increasing a sense of fun and working together.


Understand yourself and others better through exploring what is important to you, why you prioritize what you value, and how to work with others when their values seem at odds with yours. 


Increase quality and quantity of communication, different methods of interacting, increase awareness of communication types and the roles we play out through different communication styles. 


Use individual strengths for a common goal, look at your diversity as a strength, practice solving problems and working together in a way that highlights your group strength.


Learn and act on what makes us work harder! Why are you invested, or why aren't you engaged? What stands in your way and how can you keep motivation from disappearing?

Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is the ability to look at one problem and come up with a lot of possible solutions. It requires creativity, teamwork, communication, inventiveness, and courage. 

Goal Achievement

Work together to decide on your big goals, and smaller steps to get there. Outline barriers to that success and how you will use your strengths to overcome them.


Exercise parts of the brain that lead to expression and ideas, value your sense of playfulness and outside-the-box thinking that leads to inventiveness and great ideas!


Increase optimism, curiosity, and a love of learning - even through failure! Work together with your allies, use your resources, and work towards epic wins.

Problem Solving

Increase your solution-oriented mindset, and view problems as a challenge rather than as a threat. Employ your creativity and communication as you work towards resolution.


Set boundaries, speak up, own space and have ownership over your good ideas. Assertiveness is the sweet spot between passivity and aggression, learn how to get things done.


Inspire others and set the tone for your team. Explore different leadership styles and methods for motivation and encouragement, communication and effectiveness.